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ProjektAntrieb supports you in the development of your products – as a contract developer and contract evaluator, even for challenging topics. Our focus is on Embedded Software Engineering, the development of software for embedded systems.

Our offer

Feel free to come up to us! Also with regard to topics that you do not yet find in this excerpt.

Services for your product development

Implementationof new product features, bootstrap loader, toolsmith tools and -plugins
Adaptationof existing firmware to new product variants
Portingof existing firmware and software to new hardware and other operating systems
Device DriverImplementation for Linux, Windows and special customer firmware
Device Driver Certificationfor the sucessfully certification of Windows Device Drivers
Evaluationof ASICs and testing whether they meet the customer requirements
Analysisof requirements with feasibility analysis and pilot studies
Commissioningof new hardware platforms and hardware components
Optimizationof the runtime within firmware and device drivers as well as protocol stacks to improve the communication speed
Workaroundsto safely bypass critical hardware errors after thorough root cause analysis
Test softwarefor test automation, for example as part of unit- or integration tests
Expert softwareto support the experts in solving and optimizing complex requirements
Industrial communicationby integrating OPC UA into your products, e.g. based on the ANSI C based OPC UA Client & Server SDK or the High Performance OPC UA Server SDK

Services for your production

Testing softwarefor manufacturing inspection and -controlling to evaluate the product behavior and product properties

Services for your quality assurance

Measuring softwarefor the simulation of the product life cycle and for testing the product environmental and EMC compatibility

Services to protect your products

Reverse Engineeringto analyze how securely your intellectual property is protected against spying product analysis, product counterfeiting and technology theft
Obfuscating & Encryptingto protect your software from unlicensed use and to prevent product counterfeiting and technology theft through reverse engineering

Products we worked for

Employment protectionExpert system for laser protection products
Automation-& DrivesSIMATIC S7-1500, SIMATIC S7-1500V, SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced, SIMATIC S7-400, SIMATIC S7-300, SIMATIC TDC, SIMATIC Microbox T, SIMATIC IOT2040
AutomotiveTransmission and engine controls as well as immobilizers for various automobile manufacturers
OtherVarious measuring, testing and quality assurance systems